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Discovering Your Greater Purpose: Burn the Plow

Cover of Burn the Plow, a book by Kim Nash

In this inspiring book, Kim shares her personal journey of stepping out in faith and leaving the comfort zone of working for others. Embracing God's guidance, she started her own consulting business, fulfilling the true desires of her heart. Through her story, you'll find the courage to let go of the past and follow His direction, igniting a new path towards something greater. 

Q&A with Author Kim Nash

Why did you decide to write a book?

It was not on my radar, BUT GOD! As an extrovert, my passion is in engaging with others personally. I have never been passionate about writing. In college, I struggled to write papers, and I would have rather done the research and presented orally to the class. However, God prompted me to write a book!


Did you know what you'd write about?


Not at first! I was not sure what the topic would be, but after waiting for God, He revealed it to me. 

What is Burn the Plow about?


The book is about my career journey and the lessons God showed me along the way. When we surrender to God, He shows up in amazing ways!

Are you available for speaking and book signing events?

Yes, I welcome the opportunity to share my story with others. Please contact me!

Do you plan to write another book?

Maybe someday? We don’t know what the future holds; therefore, I have learned never say never. 

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